Kris McHale





Aside from my creative arts experience listed below, I also have an extensive medical background. I have a combined 20+ years of experience as a medical assistant and medical office manager.


1998-present    Freelance Work 

 See Creative Arts section below


Feb-Aug 2002    Assistant to the Editor, 

Tom-A-Hawk Promotions

Duties included editing, writing, graphic design, photography. I also routinely researched and interviewed subjects for upcoming stories. This position started as an internship and progressed    to part-time employment. Position ended when employer's budget did not allow for full-time employment.




William Paterson University 1998-2002, BA in English, Minor in Art 

Clifton High School 1994-1998, High School Degree



Creative Arts 


Website Design 

  • Vacations By Krissy

  • The Center For Special Surgery 

  • Wicked Confections 

  • John Tauber, CPC, CPI 

  • The Knight Riders, CJ Foundation for SIDS (no longer active)

  • Lucretia Santoro, Certified Holistic Massage Therapist (no longer active)

  • PCW (no longer active)

  • Your Pain Ends Here (no longer active)

  • Sacred Heart Youth Group (no longer active)

  • Doc's Dogs (no longer active)

Logo Design

  • 2011: Wicked Confections

  • 2011: The Center For Special Surgery

  • 2010: Mother Earth Heals

  • 2007: Main Event Promotions

  • 2004: PCW 

  • 2001: Doc's Dogs 

  • 2000: Sacred Heart Youth Group

Social Media

  • Vacations By Krissy

  • Wicked Confections

  • IGM Acupressure

  • Clifton High School Mustang Marching Band, group


  • Business Christmas card shoots

  • Private Christmas card shoots

  • TTD ("Trash The Dress") shoot

  • Clifton Merchant Magazine (see below)

Studio Art

  •  See portfolio 

Tattoo Design

  • Tattoo 1

  • Tattoo 2






  • 2018 The Center For Special Surgery, Emergency Operations Plan

  • 2002 Christopher Columbus Middle School Year Book 

  • 2002 Clifton Map 

  • 2002 Clifton Merchant Magazine: 

        -Vol 8, Issue 6, Pgs 4-35 Senior Q&A
        -Vol 8, Issue 4, Pg 76 "Brian Eromenok" 
        -Vol 8, Issue 3, Press releases 


  • 2002 Clifton Merchant Magazine:

        -Vol 8, Issue 8, Pgs 34-36 "Athenia Wine & Dine"
        -Vol 8, Issue 7, Pgs 12-13 "Pasquale Cupillari-Service Station Owner" 
        -Vol 8, Issue 6, Pg 20 "Average Just Not Good Enough" 
        -Vol 8, Issue 4, Pg 48 
"Celebrating Academics"
        -Vol 8, Issue 3, Pg 14 "Sacred Heart Youth Group" 
        -Vol 8, Issue 2, Pgs 24-27 "Where They Meet & Mix"

Head Researcher

  • 2002 Clifton Merchant Magazine: 

        -Vol 8, Issue 3, Pgs 3-12 "God and Religion" 


  • 2009 Clifton Mustang Band Alumni Association Newsletter

  • 2002 Clifton Merchant Magazine: 

        -Vol 8, Issue 7, Pg 12 
Vol 8, Issue 6, Pg 72 
Vol 8, Issue 6, Pg 17 
Vol 8, Issue 6, Pg 3 
        -Vol 8, Issue 3, Pg 14 
Vol 8, Issue 2, Pg 24 


  • 2016: Five year service award, Clifton Community Band

  • 2002: City of Clifton Volunteer Award, Clifton Animal Shelter

  • 1997: Rank Sergeant, Clifton High School Mustang Marching Band

  • 1997: Best overall group "Espirit De Corps" at Music in the Parks Festival, CHS Concert Choir

  • 1997: Six Brother's Diner Christmas Window Poster Contest, 2nd place $200 prize


  • Clifton Community Band

  • Saint Baldrick's Foundation

  • Clifton Mustang Band Alumni Association, Inc.

  • Clifton Animal Shelter 

  • Wildlife Conservation Society

  • March of Dimes

  • Bergen County Animal Shelter 

About Me


I am a child of the '80s and a lover of all things creative. I love photographing children, animals and nature. When I see a situation unfolding before me I automatically imagine how it could be captured and interpreted with a camera. 


My passion for drawing developed long before I learned to read and write. I was one of those children who was given a box of crayons to entertain me for hours on end. Throughout my school years, I was repeatedly invited to the gifted and talented art programs. I especially have a gift for copying a piece of art. 


In my spare time I also enjoy taking Wilton cake decorating courses, practicing yoga, reading, and playing the flute. I first picked up a flute in 1992 and have been playing ever since. I am a current member of the Clifton Community Band.