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I enjoy helping companies develop an online presence. This presence is frequently started with a strong logo. I design logos based on the individual vision of a company (and sometimes create the vision myself).  

Below is a partial list of companies for which I have designed and managed websites. 


  • Vacations By Krissy

  • The Center For Special Surgery 

  • Wicked Confections 

  • John Tauber, CPC, CPI 

  • The Knight Riders, CJ Foundation for SIDS (no longer active)

  • Lucretia Santoro, Certified Holistic Massage Therapist (no longer active)

  • PCW (no longer active)

  • Your Pain Ends Here (no longer active)

  • Sacred Heart Youth Group (no longer active)

  • Doc's Dogs (no longer active)



Aside from website design, I also designed many of these companies' logos, and manage(d) their social media accounts.
Two of my active websites


Screenshot 2015-05-22 10.jpg
Screenshot 2015-05-22 10.jpg
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Wicked Confections
Wicked Confections
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